I am a senior researcher at the Vienna Center for Experimental Economics of the University of Vienna. I am also lab manager of our lab, along with Philipp Külpmann.

I have put together a list of resources that I have found helpful when starting in academia. If you know any other, please let me know.


Working papers

  • Continuous Inclusion of Other in the Self, with Benjamin Beranek.

    The Inclusion of Other in the Self (IOS) scale is a popular tool to measure interpersonal closeness that is increasingly being used in economics. We propose a new implementation of the IOS scale that, contrary to existing implementations, meets its theoretical requirements. We also develop and validate a continuous version of the IOS scale. This Continuous IOS scale gives a more precise measure and solves a no-overlap avoidance bias present in the standard IOS scale. Our IOS scales are easy-to-use, well-documented, and available on GitHub at https://github.com/geoffreycastillo/ios-js.

  • Do different people report the same social norms?, with Lawrence Choo and Veronika Grimm.

    If the Krupka-Weber (2013) norm-elicitation task captures pre-existing social norms, then the elicited norms should be independent of one’s role in a game or one’s social preferences. We test this idea in a complex game that features rich interactions. We find that different people, even when they have conflicting incentives, report the same social norms. Our results further validate the use of the Krupka-Weber task to measure social norms.

In progress


  • bingo-blower.js, a virtual bingo-blower for ambiguity experiments
  • ios.js, a continuous implementation of the Inclusion of Other in the Self scale